M-Review: The name of the game is… Survival

Run, duck, cowerorhide, to keep from being attacked, hurt, maimed or killed.  Push come to shoves and the only way to stay alive, is to… attack, attack, attack – byALL means necessary, to keep from getting killed.  Long as one survives, the object is not to be killed.

Definition of Survival:

1. a:the act or fact of living or continuing longer than another person or thing

     b: the continuation of life or existencesurvivalin arctic conditions>

2. :one that survives

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Today’s review is based on the word…survival.  Even though the read is so much more, the overall jist is tosurvive.  Whether killing, the will to stay alive to seek revenge, whatever the means, doing what one gotta do, the object behind it all is to survive; survive to see another day, for the reasonone needs to keep going.

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Seinen, Action, Romance, Mature, Shounen

Mangaka:  MURATA Shinya
Artist:  IFUJI Shinsen
Year:  2009
Original Publisher:  Square Enix
Serialized In:  Gangan JOKER
Volumes:  3 – Ongoing, 3 Chapters Scanlated

*Not licensed in US

Alice is a senior high school student who lives with an uncle that spends his time tormenting her everyday. One day, Alice witnesses the death of her uncle by the hands of an assassin called “Kumo” (Japanese for Arachnid). She then falls unconscious, and upon waking up, she finds out that she’s in Kumo’s house… Now, this Alice who no longer has any family is being raised by the assassin himself..!  [MangaUpdates]

CAG Impressions:

After reading the first three chapters, I told myself,damn… there’s no more.  WHERE THE NEXT CHAPTER?!

Arachnidis about a girl named Alice thrust into the world of killing, taught to her by an Assassin who knows her better than she thinks he does.

Chapter 1:  No Choice but to Kill

Alice should be enjoying the time of her life.  She’s in high school, should be out doing the fun stuff that high school girls do and she’s not.  Instead, she’s been skipping school and struggling with her lessons.  Worst of all, she’s living with her Uncle whom doesn’t give a damn about her other than verbally and physically abusing her and wanting to make sure that she stays in school in order for him to keep collecting child support.

Struggling with all her might, she suffers living with him because at a young age, her mother committed suicide leaving her to live with the only relative that she has and the Uncle takes pleasure in making sure that Alice know this fact.  (A character that you want to off’d immediately!)  A brute of a slob who’s living is not straight laced. Stole a lot of money from an organization and is a wanted man by such organization.     On the day where theChange of Eventswas taking place, Uncle-san decided to take his “bullying” a step further and tried to force himself on Alice when there was a knock at the door.  While he went to answer, Alice,  frightened to death tried to plan her escape.  Because they lived on the top floor, there was no going out the window.  The only way was to force her way out the front door.

Opening the door to her room, she came upon a scene that I bet never in her life expected to:

her Uncle being strung up by a hostile-looking man.  So shock that she started to overthink the situation at hand.  This man thought that Alice would be in school instead at home.  It was a double-header for him.  Still overthinking the scene, her brain stopped long enough to send up a red flag to let Alice know that the man had taken out a blade.  With spend, he flings the blade in her direction and Alice immediately dodge it and the blade landed in her left shoulder.  Her dodging his attack, took him by surprise.  Something went off in Alice. Like a new person, she told this man thatbefore he kill her, she was going to kill him firstand took a flying leap at him, sunk her teeth in his neck and took a chunk out of him!

Kill or be kill…

He slams her onto the floor with such force that it knocks her out.

Alice woke up to find herself in a strange place and not her home.  In the next room, the stranger is sitting at the table eating a meal.  He acknowledge her waking up by saying “Yo.” Alice scrambles to her feet and grab a wench that was by the bed.  She demanded to know where she was at, and who was he.  He told her she was a place where he hid out and his name wasKumoand he was an assassin by the codenameArachnid.  Kumo informed Alice that her Uncle was no longer part of this world.  Everything about his existence has been erased.  He explained that her Uncle [the late Fuji Yoshio] had borrowed money from an Underground Dealer totaling more than 100 million yen.  This organization killed family members and would steal their family register and citizenship and sold off the documents at a higher price.  Alice asked Kumo to let her go back home.  He replied that the Yoshio family registry no longer existed and the house was cleared out already.  Again, she beg Kumo to let her go back.  He told her that the only reason why he let her live, was because her body was valuable.  Not listening she kept repeating the words over and over again until Kumo rushed her and slams her into the wall.

Wake up Alice…

Kumo goes on to tell her that she overthought things and how others felt about her and how she had to live with that weight on her shoulders.  She was shocked that he knew about those things.  He explained to her that she had a mental disorder calledC.E.C.[Congenital Excessive Concentration].  He too, had the same condition.

Learn to control it… with that power you can get rid of anybody you want.

This was Kumo’s suggestion to her.  A suggestion that Alice was not willing to accept.  Kumo throws her back on the bed and said he could only kill her.  LOL, Alice was dumbfounded.  Having a change of heart, Kumo told her to eat quickly because they were leaving.  She wanted to know where they were going and he informed he was taking her to his boss.

At the place, Kumo tells Alice she is to kill the Organization assassin and then take back her family register.  First thing, he would talk to his boss and guarantee her safety.  Alice thank Kumo for healing her wounds and giving her a new school uniform.  Bewildered that she was thanking him, he reminded her that he killed her Uncle.  She confessed that Fuji was not a good person.  He informed Alice the reason why he hasn’t killed her [yet]:

  • Putting her skills and power to use and
  • he could kill her at anytime.

Going inside, she was met with a full blown orgy and in the middle of it was all, a man with two females on each side, sat on a throne.  He [Suzume Bachi] thought Kumo was bringing Alice there for their usage.  Kumo informed him that Alice was Fuji’s niece and she had a rare talent.  He wanted to bring Alice into the group and to teach her how the job works.  Bachi thought Kumo was a joke.  Kumo took off the bandage around his neck to show Bachi what Alice was capable of doing. After seeing it, he made a call.  The call ended and Bachi told Kumo that it was impossible.  He bluntly tells Kumo to kill Alice.  Kumo asked Bachi to repeat himself and Bachi sternly demanded that Kumo kill Alice – immediately.

End of Chapter.

I have to say that this is a good read.  Full of suspense and drama thus far.  The weight of becoming an assassin wears heavily on Alice’s soul.  I mean, she wasonce a high school girl living in a bad environment. Now, she is thrown into the Underworld being train to become an assassin and hone on her special talent and power.

Totally recommend this read!  No fluff this way…  scanlated by Kirei Cake.

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  • Now this looks really interesting!

    Thanks for the review, I’m so going to read this now ^_^

  • I already read the first chapter, but for the life of me i could not remember the name of the series, so i did what any sane person would do, Google a line i remembered from the summary… ahaha so what i’m say is THANKS SO MUCH 🙂

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