Manga to Anime Recommendation #2 + sHoRt ReViEw

In the world ofMangaVille, there is a sea ofWORTHYmanga that really should have their day in “Green-Lit” sunshine!    I just feel that there is a serious need for more drama, more suspense, more psychological thrillerAnime series.  [Became a series:  January 10, 2012 – March 27, 2012, 12 episodes]

This one,


Another, should be made into a Series!!!!!

Mangaka:  AYATSUJI Yukito
Year:  2010
Original Publisher:  Kadokawa Shoten
Licensed in US: 
Yes – Yen Press*

Horror novel reader Kouichi Sakakibara moves to his grandparents home after his father went abroad, but soon after turning 15 he’s hospitalized by a sudden pneumothorax, missing his first day of school. In the hospital he meets a mysterious girl called Mei Misaki. After recovery he joins the 3rd year 3-Class at North Yomiyama Middle School. Kouichi finds Mei Misaki is in the same class, but notice that the rest of his classmates don’t see her and avoid to speak about it. He later hear from his aunt from the story of a prestigious girl in the same class from 26 years before that died in an accident. Refusing to accept it her classmates kept pretending she was still alive. In that year’ graduation commemorative photograph, the girl supposedly not to be was there. Her name was Mei Misaki.

My Thoughts:

I had the opportunity to read the first 4 chapters.  The concept of an entire class keeping up the pretense that Misaki was still alive until she manifested into a ghost?  AWWWEEEE-SOMMME!  That’s enough to pique one’s interest to take a first lookie.    And here a newcomer (predictable, I know) Kouichi-kun is able to see her and nobody else — so it appears that way, and his classmates are being evasive and secretive like the big ‘boom-bang’ is about to happen and this makes Kouichi a bit leery and at the same time, the more he sees Misaki, the more he’s intrigued.  He wants to know,are you really real, or this ghost of Misaki.

No fluff, no harem, no ecchi, just a mind f*ck kind of thepsychological that makes you go hmmm…what’s going to happen next?  And to me,

This is one of those formulas what makes a great Anime series!

Reminds me when I first readShiki.  I was all into the manga!  Even email some buddies to tell themyou gotta read this!  And it was a thrill to see that it got green-lit.  🙂 Another,I read the chapters on an online viewer.  Oh well…   If you can find the chapters, or obtain some downloads,totally recommend this read.  (May be licensed, so check before you download)

Nothing like a goodMind F*ckto keep the brain cells active and moving!  😉

And that’s it in a nutshell.

It’s 2:35 am and I’m banged (LOL) out another post!  😀


*According toWikipedia.



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