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Sitting here at 5:15 am on the computer and for some strange reason, I had a memory of growing up, sharing a room with my ‘then’ teenage older sister.  That girl used to drive me crazy!  While I was the tomboy of the family, running around like a wild child with mygang,my older sister and her friends would holed up in the bedroom that we shared, talking about their favorite items:  boys and

harlequin logo Romance novels.  During a time and place where those damn drug store novels were like a dollar each, her side of the room was filled with those novels from the floor to ceiling.  On the weekend and school breaks, I would stay outside until it was time to come in for dinner to keep away from the madness.  LOL  Parts of my childhood I was traumatized by that chick and those books!  Ugh!  My sister used to read me these sappy stories when her friends couldn’t come over or she was on punishment and if I didn’t comply, I would get the crap beaten out of me by her.

This chick would go on  and on and on about have a fairy tale romance with a guy and they get marry and lived happily ever after… My soul, each time I recalled those day, it wants to jump up and commit suicide!  Ha!  Probably why I really not into Shoujo (although some have crept into my life because the read was good) in the present.

To which brings me to this post:  Harlequin Manga.  Yep… nothing new; been around for some for years now.

Basically, Harlequin Manga are comprised of a partnership between an English author and a Japanese Artist, or another language author and Japanese author.  I’ve seen some Manhua Harlequin.

Came across this site that has a list of  H-Manga: Good Reads  and this is what they have for their definition of Harlequin Manga:

“These are Josei mangas that are actually written by an American, English, Australian or any other nationality writer other than Japanese, and are drawn by Japanese artists.  I guess it’s debatable whether or not these can be considered as manga since the author is not Japanese and most of the stories are set in outside of japan locations with characters that have western names.”

Came across some translated chapters on manga aggregator sites and the minute the shoujo/romance angst jump out and reel its head, I immediately click off from it.  Romance novels and Shoujo manga will be around long after I’m dead.  It’s a Genre that fuels the fantasies of the mind that craves for a romance like the read that was  just read.  Thoughts of “I wish I had a dreamy romance like so-and-so character; why couldn’t that happen in real life, oh well… at least I can imagine myself in that type of scenario and thank God for the gift of imagination.”

I respect all avid readers of this Genre.  I’m just not one of them.  Does it sounds like I’m contradicting myself here? Perhaps I am in the sense that I don’t like Shoujo and yet, I have come across some reads that I enjoyed.  Hell, I even found myself calling the female lead character stupid for falling for the guy who made her cry the most, and not paying attention to theUnderdogof the story that could have given her the happiest she sorely desire.  That’s fun part I take away from Shoujo… rooting for the underdog character and then get pissed off when he decides to step aside and let the two main characters be happy and ride off into the sunset.

Being a MangaWhore is about opening oneself up to all kinds of reads.  One may not like every read, but one will have the willfulness to be open to it.

Thank you Sis… for invading my thoughts with your crazy teenage years this early Sunday morning.

Okay, that’s it for my rolling rambling…

Laters.  😉



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