Off Hiatus

Especially, when I’m coming off Hiatus.  Howdies!!!  Yes, yest, yes, it’s been a long time.  No excuses this time.  Although life did get in the way, and work has been oh so demanding and while I was still am  such the MangaWhore, I’ve been reading those things like crazy!  A day can’t go by without reading something.  However, no excuses. hard-laughI have none.  Ha!  Well, I do have some manga that is on the list for me to blog on.   Right now, I’m making a list of the ones that I want to recommend and the ones that I’ll be summing up the chapters.

Not the time to read manga
I still do not like Shoujo that much, if not at all.  Those reads makes me want to stick a fork in my neck!  LOL  Well, it’s true!  The girl with the gigantic “shoujo eyes” and the boy who gets sucked right into them.  Ewww….in-loveYea, if I write about it, it’s because well… it was different from the norm shoujo.

So, there it is.  I will try my best to at least make three entries per week?  That’s my goal anyway.  So much manga, so little time and if I can stop reading long enough, I think I should be able to make some entries.  No?




Other than trying to be a Normal Human Being, I'm all about Manga, Anime, blogging, online friends and a big cup of Coffee!!!

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