Oh My Gosh!!! The Cutest Oneshot I’ve Evv-vur Read!


Been off and on outta town due to meh Dad being sick, so my online time was nil.  And now I’m back (for now?)  with a Shoujo review . Imagine that.  Ha!

oNeShOt ReViEw:  Nekomori


Comedy, Shoujo, School Life, Romance

Mangaka:  TSUTSUMI Kakeru
Oneshot– Complete
Scanlation:  Complete

CAG Impressions:

The cutest thing I’ve read… evvv-vuuurrrr!  LOLand it Shoujo!   Now, you know—I’m not one that enjoys a Shoujo [] read.  However, there aresome that makes me appreciate the Genre, because… the read is just so darn cute!


Totally cute, totally bishounen, and a girly name, He is someone that one could envy, or fall head over heels for.  However, Nekomori Ai-kun has a secret… he can see the door to other people’s heart.  Literally.  When he stares at a person, he can see the door to one’s heart, and when that door opens, he can see what inside and the majority of the time, it’s something that’s not quite pretty – jealousy, envy, conceit and deception.  Because Nekmori can see these things, he has closed off his own heart and feel that all are dishonest and every word that comes out of one’s mouth is a lie.

That is to say until he meets a girl who proves him wrong!   While trying to get away from his teacher whom wanted to “play/attack” with him in the Prep Lab, he comes across a “Tomboy” playing ball and she was totally smitten by his cute looks.  In walksRitsu Sengoku, the girl that had the door to her heart wide open.  This intrigues Ai because she’s the first person he’s encounter that genuine.


After sharing a lunch together, Ai let Ritsu know how cute and adorable she is, causing her to blush three-folds over and deny, deny, deny that she was cute and he was way too cuter than she.  She didn’t think she was cute because people told her that she was ‘tact-less.’  Well, being call cute by Ai, she began to dressgirlyby wearing the school uniform (meaning skirt [LOL]) and paying more details to her looks.

Things began to inside of Ai himself.  The door to his heart was chained closed and he had forgotten how to open it.  He wanted to know more about her, since he always felt comfortable being around her.  Reaching for his rusted chained door to try and open it, two girls confronted him and started saying negative things about Ritsu.  Unfortunately, Ritsu walked up on the conversation and overheard everything.  For the first time, she lied to Ai and walked away leaving him dumbfounded as to why she lied.  Telling off the girls, he chased after her while ripping apart the chains that held his door closed.  Catching up to Ritsu, she confessed that she didn’t feel as pretty as the girls he was with earlier and he told her once again…

He thought she was adorable!

Short and sweet.  Could this have been made into a series?  Probably so… but to me [in all honesty], the story would lose some of his cuteness.  I have read this story a couple of times, because it’s definitely re-readable and I totally recommend it!

Okay, that’s it in a nutshell.  Have a whole lotta reviews to create since I’m back into my online activities. K?






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