One-Shot: A Love Story in Moist Rainy Days


One Shot, School Life

Mangaka:  YAMAMORI Mika
Year: 2013
One Shot


One shot about a high school whom fell in love with a girl whom uses a red umbrella on rainy days.

From the same author of the popular Hirunaka no Ryuusei, this little one-shot is not a  Pink Factor((reference I make to a read being Shoujo or  “over the top” Shoujo))! *  It’s more of an melancholic type of read where it lets you use your imagination to change the flow or outcome of the read the way you would like it go or end.

     On a rainy day, Morino-Kun sees the girl he like, Kidani-san coming in to the school with her red umbrella.  He figures the reason he always notices her is because of the red umbrella  that she always carries and it’s easily spotted in a crowd.  Whenever he’s around Kidani, Morino tenses up a little.  Leaving for the day, he spots her standing by the door holding her umbrella and his hearts goes


     Nervously, he blurts out that a downpour was coming and she should hurry up and go home.  When Kidani answered by with “Pardon me,” Morino becomes really shy and dashes off in the rain.  (LOL)  The next day, Kidani approaches him at a juice machine and informs him that the Soccer Club Tutor was calling for him and then she informs him that she was an “Ameonna ((Google))” and it was the reason why she always carries around an umbrella.  She then thankedhim for his kindness.   Morino was amazed and astounded that she knew his name and she thanked him.  He thought of her as a Fairy of Rain.


Morino skipped school one day and almost ran into his one of his teachers at the entrance of a convenient store.  He suddenly notices the red umbrella.  Kidani had met up with Sensei.


At school, the same Sensei told Morino to hurry up and go home.  As he asked Morino what was the matter a pretty woman calls out, “Darling.”  Morino notices the woman looks exactly like Kidani, but older.  Kidani appears out of nowhere and informed Morino that the woman was her older sister and Sensei was her husband and Morino was mistaken about their relationship (Sensei and she), and Sensei was not a womanizer.  She knew her sister was coming to pick up her husband and she, had no excuse to go home with Sensei that day.

Morino realized that Kidani was hiding her unrequited love for Sensei under the cap of the Umbrella.  He produces his own umbrella and asked if she would to share his and they go home together.    Just as Kidani carried around her umbrella for the chance to share with Sensei, Morino carried around his umbrella in hopes of one day sharing with her.

End of one shot.


I thought this was cute.  Although I found the Kidani character a bit aloof and Morino’s character whimsically adorable.  Here was the girl he liked, and on the rainy days or season (if I may) he secretly carried around his umbrella in hopes of sharing it with her one day.  I liked this read.

This read has theReadability Factor of 3.0 %.  It’s just one of those reads that when you want to get lost in the characters, you can change-up the story in your imagination.  🙂

You can read the full story –

And this concludes this One-shot.




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