One-Shot: Nekomimi wa Yamerarenai

Comedy, School Life,Shoujo

Year Published:  2013
Mangaka:  SUGI, Shippo
Publisher:  [Unknown]Magazine Serialized in:  Sho-Comi
Volumes:  One-Shot
Licensed in US:  No


A girl who would do anything to catch the attention of the guy she likes — even if it means wearing cat ears!

CAG Impressions:

LOL… The Shoujo Factor wearing Cat Ears!!!  Ha! hard-laugh


Although this was abittoo shoujo for me, it’s cute!  What folks won’t do to get the attention of the one they’re pining for.  And this is what our female main character Miyake Tamako is doing – causing problems for the object of her affection, the Public Morals Committee Chairman [What a long title!] Nojima Senpai.  She’s been heads over heels for him ever since he saved her from unwanted attention at the school opening ceremony.  Since such time, everyday she would do something to break the moral rules.


LOL!!! that face!in-love

This particular day, she’s on the pissy side because Nojima is not noticing her intent –to make him notice her and call her cute.  Later, taking out the trash, she pondered how could she make him notice her or at least smile her way.  She saw him sitting on some steps playing with a stray cat and became jealous he was laughing and playing with the cat.  Miyake wants his smiles and attention like he was giving that cat.  And she devise a plan…to…become…a…


So there you have it folks… meet Miyake-Neko.

 Nojima thought she lacked common sense until she told him that he’s sweet to cats and if it’s about ears, he could touch hers.  He told her the ears were forfeit and she should hand them over.  Seeing that Miyake depressed look, he gave in and called her a “cheeky cat” and he would play with her.  He pulls in her into his arm and began stroking her hair and she started acting all cat-like.  Feeling satiated, she apologize for always breaking the moral rules.  Nojima continued to show her affection:

I have to admit… I thought those scenes were cute.  The next day, Miyake came to school with the cats ears on again and wondered if wearing them would make Nojima mad.  Running around in circles, she got accosted by some boys, asking her to make the “Nyan” sound while spinning around.  Of course, “Mr. Chairman” steps in and saves the day!  Ha!  Threatening the boys and they ran off afterwards, he pushes Miyake into an empty classroom and acting ‘quite’ jealous, he wanted to know was she fine sayingNyanto just anyone.  She asked if he was jealous and he played it off by saying he didn’t have time to go around playing that game with her and wanted to know if she was stupid…

Miyake yelled at him, stating there was no way she would put on such an embarrassing get-up just for show and he shouldn’t mess with her and runs off, leaving Nojima in the room by himself thinking

if he’s not honest too, there’s no meaning.

The next morning, Miyake came to school to find a lot of female students sporting cat ears. excited The girls heard the committed chairman doesn’t confiscate cat ears.  They all ran to Nojima asking to make them his cat.  Since she was the originator, Miyake sat on the ground thinking there was no meaning anymore.


Nojima parted the crowd and picked her up, proclaiming that she was his cat.  He put the cat ears back on her and said they fit her the most.  He carried her off to a secluded place and told her he didn’t want anyone else to hear her cute sounds and he confessed he was jealous the day before and one else was allowed to touch her.

And now comes shoujo factor is:

both affirming their love and feelings for one another.

End of one-shot.


Yes it was cutesy.  I enjoyed the read.  The Shoujo Factor wasn’t too high.  Miyake stayed with her antics until she got her man.  Go girl! hard-laugh  If you haven’t read it, it’s on any manga aggregator site.

Okay then, until next post,

Laters! happy-wink



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