One Shot: Wasureyuki


Slice of Life, Drama, School Life

Mangaka:  AMANO, Shinobu
Year:  2011


Tomo-kun is a school kid whom is pretty unhappy at the age of 15.   Annoyed and irritated with his constant arguing parents,  the snow, noisy girls, other kids that had no brains and most of all he hated the clumsy, shy and ditzy Miyako-chan whom was a year younger than he.  What was the reason behind the hatred, or is it really hatred?

Tomo-kun found himself always irritated and annoyed at the young age of 15.  He hated everything surrounding him and most of all, he hated this girl named Miyako-chan.  For most of his life, Miyako was there.  Whenever something happened to her, she would always come crying to him.  Since they were young kids, she has been doing that and it irritates the crap out of him.  He can’t stand how she’s clumsy, on the slow side and always smiling as if all was alright.


Both are now in the same middle school and he hates when she comes to his class asking for him or borrowing his school books.  Tomo-kun’s friend, Adachi-kun chastises him for treating girls roughly.  He tells him that he could be nicer to girls, especially to Miyako-chan because she was moving soon.

“That’s right… soon we wont be going through this cycle anymore…” – thoughts of Tomo-kun.

It was going to be  week before his parents finalized their divorce and Miyako was moving to the States.

One day, Miyako-chan showed up at Tomo’s class wanted to borrow his Dictionary.  When she returns it, it was covered in dirt.  He asked why and she said she had dropped it while walking.  Adachi immediately comes to her rescue by telling her that she shouldn’t worry.  Blushing like crazy, she apologized for the getting the book dirty.  Tomo walks away to go find someplace to wash off the dirt.  Miyako volunteers to do it for him, and when she went to rush after him, she falls.  Yep… she trips on her own two feet and fell flat on her face.   😯  Tomo show a look of concern momentarily.

At the Nurse’s Office, they was informed Miyako had sprained her ankle and Tomo needed to take her home.  Miyako began to apologize and he gruffly told her to get her bag.  His mood turn more sourly, as they were walking and it began to snow.  Annoyed, he shares his umbrella with her.  This made Miyako giggle.  He asked why was she laughing and she replied they have haven’t walked home together in a while.

No matter how badly I treat her, Miyako still follows me around.  I know why… I know it… better than anyone.”  – Tomo-kun.

The two ran into Adachi, who look happy that they were walking home together.  Tomo shooed him away.  Before he walks off, he pats Miyako on the head.  Tomo wanted to asked what she saw in him because he thought of Adachi as a player and Miyako disagreed.  Because she was shy, she never had the courage to confess to any boy that she liked.  She decided to confess to Adachi. Tomo reminded her that she only had four days left before she moves.

At home after he dropped Miyako off, his thoughts were gloomy.  He thought about when the two of them were younger and how he hated the cold, snowy weather and simply, he just couldn’t wait for all of it to be over.


The next day, Miyako actually did what she said — she confessed to Adachi.  Well… he replied that she was cute and that he can only look at her as a little sister.  She told him she was moving anyhow and she just wanted to let him know how she felt.  From behind, Tomo coldly said, “how stupid can you get?  You actually went through with it.”  Miyako was happy that she did it.   Walking down the school’s corridor,  he hears Adachi telling another classmate about Miyako’s confession to him.  He said some pretty bad things when all of a sudden he was punched in the face by Tomo.  He yelled he was the only one that could talk [negatively] about Miyako.   Adachi beat Tomo up bad enough, he landed in  the Nurse’s office.  (LOL)

While out, he had thoughts of Miyako.  That no matter how he didn’t want her around him, no matter how bad he treated her, no matter how he ran to get away from her, all he had to do was look over his shoulders and there she was following behind him with a smile on her face.  He had an epiphany,

Tomo-kun was the one that couldn’t live without Miyako.

This is when he wakes up and she’s sitting next to him, bedside.  He asked what happened and she told him that Adachi beaten him up. (LOL)   With some machismo sprinkled on him, he told her that the fight had nothing to do with her and she giggles.  He wants to know why, and she smiles ever-s0-warmly and said,

That’s because you’re always so nice to me.

Tomo-kunFINALLYsmiles, caresses her face and say she was really an idiot.

You don’t need to know how I feel; and you won’t ever know; better that you don’t.  Better that you stay in the dark…”  – Tomo-kun.

At the airport, Tomo is sending off Miyako on her new journey.  She told him she wished her Mom came too.  Her father interrupts her by stating they were about to leave.  Tomo-kun verbally said his good-byes while wishing her happiness.


Miyako said something that took me by surprise!






Yes!!! There ya have.  The answer to all of Tomo’s anger and angst.  They are siblings.

“I wish you the best, my dearest, beloved, little sister…” – Tomo.



End of story.


I like this read.  I really like this read.  That ending was a kicker!  LOL I thought from the beginning to the middle to the second to last page, I thought the read was based on the The Childhood Friend formula.  Ha!  did not see that “Onii-chan” reeling it’s head.  Made me understand the read so much more.

I thought

  • Secretly, he was crushing on Miyako and because of her demeanor, he was was embarrass.
  • He talked badly to her because he liked her so much.
  • Tomo-kun would get over himself eventually and tell the poor girl he likes/loves her.


Nope!  Didn’t happen that way.  Wow….

To be quite honest, I’m happy the read had the ending that it did.  Just made sense to all of Tomo’s anger and wanting things to be over already.

Totally recommend this One-shot!  You can read it here:

The Readability Factor is 3.5%.

There ya have it. I banged out two posts while on the job.  It was on the “Q” side this morning.




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