M-Review: Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

Drama,Mature, Historical, Seinen

Mangaka:  ABE George
Artist:  KAKIZAKI Masasumi
Year:  2003
Original Publisher:  Shogakukan
Serialized in:
Big Comic Spirits
Young Sunday

Group(s) Scanlating:  Moar Bad Scans
Volumes:  22 (Complete in Original Country, Scanlations – ongoing)

Not licensed in US.

Six minors (16 or 17 years old) answering to the nicknames of Joe, Mario, Spoon, Baremoto, Biceps and Cauliflower are put into a reformatory for offenses such as aggravated assault, swindle, flight, etc. Their stay in hell begins immediately. Accommodated by a doctor pedophile, they are placed under the monitoring of a despotic and brutal crew. Companions of cell of certain Sakuragi (called Anchan), the tension flares up between the band of buddies and their new “friend”. A brawl breaks out and the six prisoners are beaten up by mysterious young man thanks to his boxing talent.

The story will not only follow the lives of these seven characters surviving in their hellish environment, but also their disillusions due to the rejection by the outside world and by their close relations. This is about the extraordinary and invincible friendships between these young men. 

My Impressions:

Provacative… simply a good piece of work!  🙂

My journey with Rainbow began last year when there was an announcement onAnimenewsnetwork.comabout the series getting a ‘green lit’ for anime.  I was so intrigued back then and wondered oftenwhen the hell was this anime coming out?!  At the time, I was not theMangaWhore that I am now!  😛  After viewing the first three episodes of the series, I was so determined to find the chapters.  And like they say

Seek and ye shall find!

I was quite happy that I was able to read it online [although in the middle of reading chapter two, I was bombarded by trojan viruses and had to shut the window – time to download!] and if I could find the online read, then I definitely knew for sure that I would be able to find the manga chapters for downloadRainbow  is a heavy hitter that full of drama, abuse, the will to survive and the bonding of a strong friendship between the boys.  After reading the first chapter of the manga, it rekindle the little ugly words that I spewed at the anime at certain characters!

This bastard:   [Ichihara] Even though he’s one of the top guards, he knows how to abuse his authority.

This Fucker: Pervy Bastard!No need to say more…

And I’m quite sure there’ll be other characters that I will hate or dislike when I read more upcoming chapters.

Now I digress.  Even though this manga was created to show the life and times of 1955, bad habits, and the “ugliness” of human nature, can transcend to the present time. I know I seem like I’m taking this seriously…  but this is the effect ofgood work.  A good manga can get you into the mindset of the Mangaka who created the pages.  You can feel the angst of the characters and wanted to save them!  LOL  The important factor to this manga is the strength and bond of friendship between the six boys and their Senpai they share a cell with.  I plan on following them through their tribulations and pray that this manga really does have a rainbow at the ending.  🙂

And if you haven’t lost touch with your imagination, you can actually visualize vividly the scenes in your head like a ongoing movie.

Not a manga for the reader that’s into light manga or shoujo.  LOL  But if you like a serious drama, I highly recommend this.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Gonna go find a rainbow of my own now by reading more chapters of manga that’s on my reading list! 😉





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