Review: Arago

Action, Mystery, Supernatural, Shounen

Mangaka: ARAI Takahiro
Original Publisher: Shogakukan
Serialized in: Shonen Sunday
Volumes:9 – Completed

*Not licensed in US

The story centers around two twins, Arago and Ewan, whose parents were slaughtered by a monster called the Patchman. Arago spent years looking for the Patchman to get revenge for the deaths of his parents, while Ewan tried to dissuade his brother from the destructive active. Years later, the vengeful Arago crosses paths with Ewan, who has since become a police officer, just as blood begins to flow again in the streets of London.

My Impressions:

Good detective story, great angst, good read! 😉

The story takes place in London England… there’s a serial killer going around leaving its victims with a burn scar in the shape of a hand on their neck and body limbs go missing. It is said to be the work of an urban legend, the “Patchwork Patchman.” 13 years prior this same killer killed the parents of two young twins, Ewan and Arago.

 Years later as young adults, Ewan is on the Police force and has been newly appointed Sergeant of the CID [Criminal Investigation Division]. The youngest ever to be appointed the position. However… in the middle of being congratulated by fellow officers and staff, a frightened teenager screams out that Ewan was the Patchman that he saw at an abandoned building. This sparks Ewan’s interest and he asked where the abandoned building was located. Arriving there, a figure walks into the building and a scuffle ensues.  Ewan finds himself face to face with Arago, his twin brother. The two since had long since grown apart and taken their own paths. Arago has been chasing leads regarding the Patchman to avenge the death of their parents, while Ewan followed his dreams of becoming an outstanding law enforcement officer.


Arago was in London chasing down leads on murders that had occurred and all seemed part of the Patchman’s killing mark.  Ewan tried to played it down by saying that Arago was chasing an urban myth.


This pissed off Arago and he wanted to hit him, but couldn’t because on the night their parents were killed, Patchman wanted to strike Arago down and Ewan stepped in between the two and he suffered a deep slash on his arm.  Since that time, Arago blamed himself for it.  It seemed like he’s always been in competition with his twin brother and harbor feelings of being weak and inferior.


Leaving Ewan behind to cool his head, Arago runs into the Patchman.  He stated that he and Arago had been waiting for the day the two would meet again.  In haste, he began an attack on the Patchman whom out maneuver him and got away.  Arago gives chase and Ewan called him over to his car and Arago gets in and they go after Patchman.   When I read this part,   I thought to myself…

these two have deep issues!

They’re in the car arguing about who was going to catch the Patchman and then… the Patchman  jumps on the hood, rips part of it off and the car crashed into a wall.  Arago wakes up screaming and finds himself in some sort of lab filled with discarded body parts.  He cries out to Ewan, and realized that Ewan’s scarred arm is attached to his body.

In a pile of rubbish and body parts, he see his brother Ewan with his arm missing, barely clinging to life.  Ewan wanted Arago to escape and he refused to leave his brother behind.  The Patchman returned and Ewan grabbed Patchman’s leg and yell for Arago to escape.  Patchman placed his hand in front of Ewan’s face and his life force (spirit) began to drain from his body.  From behind the Patchman, Arago hit him in the back of the neck with an Ax.  He grabbed Arago and told him that he’s been searching for the perfect container to hold the enormous power stored in his body: his soul.  He knew from 13 years ago that  Arago was the right one; the right container.  Now with Ewan’s arm attached to Arago’s body, Patchman wanted to know how he felt…ummm mortified?[Well, that’s how I would feel.]


Arago began to feel despair and then again.  Suddenly, Ewan’s arm began to glow and light shot out his hand and the Patchman burn to pieces.  Gathering his brother up in his arms to carry him out, Ewan confessed to his brother that he wished he had been strong like him; that he was always afraid and that the scar on his arm he got from protecting Arago that night was his pride and he entrust his life to Arago and then he died.  T.T


In the aftermath of his brother’s death, Arago became a policeman to honor his brother’s memory and to continue his hunt for the Patchman.


I like this manga.  I think that’s it’s grossly under rated and it needs to find itself amongst all other reads that gotgreen-litfor a Anime series.   It has a good storyline, and it’s full of the supernatural – goblins, a talking skull, leprechauns, etc., etc., and I enjoy reading it.  Up to chapter 63 now.  Totally recommend it.  😉

Storyline:  ♥♥♥♥
Drawing:  ♥♥♥♥

*Tooting my own horn… I MADE A POST, I MADE A POST!!!  YAY!  Now it’s time for a coffee break! 😛

I think this would should be green-lit for a series.




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