M-Review: Sankarea

Comedy, Ecchi, Supernatural, Romance, Shounen

Mangaka:  HATTORI Mitsuru
Year:  2008
Original Publisher:  Kodansha
Serialized in:  Bessatsu Shonen Magazine
Group(s) Scanlating:  Simple Scans
Volumes:  Ongoing
License in US:  Yes –Kodansha US

Furuya’s obsessed with zombies. He collects any figurines, watches any movie, and plays any game with the living dead, and is even only interested in zombie girls. When his cat dies, Furuya begins trying to raise it from the dead using an ancient book of the occult he bought from a shop. But what will happen when he sees the idol of a nearby all girl’s school walking close to where he conducts his experiment, wishing to die and be reborn as a different person?  [Mangaupdates.com]

My Impressions:

    Stay away from boys that has a Zombie Fetish!  😛

When the scans [Milky Translation] first started popping up back in March, I kinda stay away from it, because it kinda, sorta didn’t interest me enough.  A manga buddy of mine sent me an email and asked if I read the first chapter.  My reply was no, not really interested.  He then sent me a reply and told me togive it a read… you won’t be sorry.  See, my buddy was the firstMangaWhoreI came across.   😛

What can I truly say about this Manga after reading the first 1st chapter… it made me want to read more — just to see what happens next!  😀

Furuya Chihiro…  your average, normal high school student at Shiyou Public High for Boys,  who loves all thingszombie-related.  An avid collector of DVDs, posters and the like.  He’s so much into the culture that he decided to walk down a road… a road that leads toZombieland! Furuya nightly goes to this abandoned hotel to practice his rituals.  What started him on his path was his cat,Babuwho died from getting hit by a car.  He found an old manuscript that was full of potions and rituals.  Looking through the book, he found what he was looking for: The Art of Resurrection.  To satisfy his own ego, he wanted to see if he could raise something from the dead.  And that something would be Babu.  But… there was a small problem; one of the pages was unreadable, and it was the key ingredient — a certain type of plant to the drug.   Furuya tried different plants and the end results was a failure.

The same night while he was at the abandoned building, Furuya hears the tapping of heels outside and peeped out to see a girl walking by the building.  She’s been doing this on several nights prior and it was a girl from his school,Rea Sanka-chan, the school’s director daughter.  In a rage, she began to scream into a cemented hole why was she born into the Sanka family and a whole lotta otherprivatestuff!

Rea-chan realizes that someone was there listening.  Later, as they both sat on a couch in the building, Rea told Furuya that she would do anything that he wanted — provided that he didn’t tell anyone what he witnessed.  Furuya shows Rea what he was doing and she was in total fascination that he was trying to raise the cat from the dead.  She proclaimed that she would become his assistance and help him raise Babu from the dead.  Getting back to doing anything that he wanted, he teased Rea by telling her that she had to drink the drug.  This scared the poor girl to death and he burst out laughing stating that she was too trusting around boys and she could easily fall into their traps.  She thought his comment was rude and she replied that she never talked to a boy alone and she’s sure she would be okay.  She then asked Furuya about himself.  And this baka replies:

and next, she said something that even Ididn’t expect, but should had!

If I was Furuya, that would be my reaction too.  😛

Furuya evencontemplated the idea of it all!  Of course she was joking, and it blew his “would be zombie girlfriend thoughts.  I cracked up.  This first chapter definitely kept my interest!  Between Furuya’s chestshire cat expressions in certain scenes to the fact that he’s really into zombie girls, and Rea-chan… being so into his ideas of resurrecting the cat.  I’m looking forward to reading further chapters.  I had move this one up to the top ten of my manga reading list.  😀   Totally recommend this!

Rating:  9.5/10.

This concludes this Sankarea review.

Laters!  😉


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