Series: Nukoduke! Chp. 2


In this chapter 2 – Diary of raising strangeanimals, we’re taking a look at the second day of the trio.

Cute, little responsible Sasame is trying to wait Yuuya up before Kei gets unset… a half-sleep Yuuya, replies the’s still sleepy and in the background, you have an irritated Kei trying to work him up.  Ha!

irrated-kei Part of the cuteness of this read, is the facial expressions I tell ya!  Makes me giggle for the few pages that you get for each chapter.


So anyhoo… Yuuya was not waking up, made Sasame his culprit by inviting her into the bed too, so not only does Kei have to deal with a “useless owner,” he also has to deal with Sasame too – whom is knocked out as well.   Still chastising Yuuya as he got the plates for breakfast, Sasame tried to defend him by stating he was tired from work and Kei shot back that he only worked yesterday.  Kei feels that because of Yuuya’s laid back attitude they would face some hardship, that is to say until Yuuya asked them what they wanted to eat…

The winner, Grilled fish and two drooling nukos!

 Chowing down on the food, Kei tells Sasame that she’s making a mess. Yuuka think the Nukos reminded him of children, and wipes rice from her face and she stated that rice shouldn’t not be wasted and licks the grain of rice off his finger.  He realized that Sasame’s tongues was rough was a real cat.  After breakfast, Yuuya washes the dishes.  Kei walks by and Yuuya accidently steps on Kei’s tail.  The pain and shock of his tail being stepped on, sends Kei into a screaming fit.  He stopped when he realize that Yuuya was walking towards him with a strange look on his face.

Later, Yuuya is standing in front of a china cabinet looking at a box he wanted.  Sasame helped out by jumping on the cabinet to retrieve the box for him.  The box was too heavy for her to picked up and Yuuya grabbed a chair to help Sasame.  The box contained toys and activities for the Nuko’s enjoyment and entertainment.  While Sasame and Yuuya played with a ball, Kei contented himself with a book.  Sasame wanted Kei to partake in the fun of playing with the ball and he commented he was not going to play a child like – but Yuuya cut him off by saying he was a kid too.  Kei justified his statement by saying that he was older than Sasame by one year and in human age, he was already 17.  Yuuya looked down at Kei while bouncing the ball in his hand he suddenly threw it.

And guess who chased after it!


Prideful nuko couldn’t resist the chase… ha!

After a playful day, the Nuko are curled up in the bed fast asleep.  Yuuya wandered did he become too attached; he  stroked Sasame’s face and both smiled and ‘meowed.’   This cuteness is breaking Yuuya down with a quickness.  LOL


End of Chp. 2

Cute I tell ya.

Okay then… so there ya have it.

Laters!  😉



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