Aku no Hana – Chp 2: Invitation to the Voyage


You know, I didn’t anticipate me blogging on this manga… however… the more chapters I read, the more I get creeped out by this psycho chick Nakamura-chan.  [Can’t believe it’s gonna be two posts in one day!]   It’s like somethingliterally broke in this chick’s head!


Recap:  Kasuga Takao-kun is your average high school teenager who likes reading and thinks that going to a bookstore is the best.  He has a crush on the popular girl in the class Saeki-chan and one day after school, Saeki-chan’s gym bag fell out of the cubicle, and he picks it up and took a look at her gym clothes.  Hearing a noise, he dashes out of the classroom with the gym clothes in toke and bring it home with him.  The next day, it becomes known that Kasuga’s gym clothes were stolen and Kasuga is scare that someone is going to find out that he is the culprit.  Going home for the day on his bike, he vowed that he would repent for his sin and then  sitting on the path that he takes home is Nakamura-chan.  The moody, foul girl who sits behind him.  She asked him what he was doing and he replied that he was going to the bookstore.  She made a comment that he’s always reading a strange book.  Out of the blue, she sits on the bike and told him she wanted him to take her over to the other side of the  mountain…  with a creepy smile on her face, she let Kasuga know that she saw him taking Saeki-chans gym clothes and if he didn’t want her to tell anyone, he better put the pedal to the metal.

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