Short M-Review: Sumire17!!

Comedy, School Life, Weirdness!

Year Published:  2005
Mangaka/Artist:  NAGAYOSHI, Takeru
Publisher:  Kodansha
Serialized in:  Shuukan Shounen
Licensed in US:  No


Meet Sumire; a 17-year old high school student who just transferred into a new school.  She wants to be liked, make lots of friends and have a cheerful school life.  Sounds like your typical manga right?  So… who’s the old guy dressed in black always behind her, and why is he commanding her every move? :p

CAG Impressions:  Downright silly!

What makes this read silly is that a Puppet Master is guiding around a full-size female puppet that’s afemale High School Teenager.  Now, to the students, they recognize that it’s a man handling a full-size puppet, that they nicknamed “Perverted Old Man.”  And yet, the Teachers (Sensei) doesn’t recognize the man behind the puppet at all… In fact, their eyes becomes dead… (ha!)


Each chapter is about Sumire trying to enjoyed ahealthy high school life and the man maneuvering her.  Poor guy… can get tiresome at times, but one must continue with the show!

I wondered if it would be just as funny  if it was a male puppet…

I believe it would be …

It’s funny.  I got a kick out reading some of the chapters (4 in total).  I think I’ll blog on it. Because the antics and high jinks are just too funny. Totally recommend this read if you like the bizarre and zany!

That’s it in a nutshell.

Laters!  😉



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