Short M-Review: Don’t Cry, Girl


Shoujo, Comedy, Romance, School Life

Mangaka:  YAMASHITA Tomoko
Year:  2008
Original Publisher:  Libre Shuppan
Serialized In:  Kurofune Zero
Volumes:  1, Complete
Licensed in US:  Yes – JManga

Due to a high school girl’s idiotic parents, she has to live with her father’s friend —who’s a nudist!

CAG Impressions:

I saw a naked butt!

Because of the way the first chapter started – to which I’ll be blogging on it [Series], I’m willing to read this to the end to see where theShoujo Factor comes in to play!  😛  LOL, the way I see it… the poor girl will probably either: (a) drop dead; (b) kill the parent’s friend; (c) report his nudist arse! or (d) KILL HER PARENTS!!!!  ha!

Rockin’ and rollin’ with another Shoujo post as well as doing Chp 1:  Wow…

Taeko-chan, a High School Student finds herself having to live with her father’s friend, Masuda-san.  When she shows up at his front door, Masuda-san opens the door to her… NAKED!  She shrieks at him that he’s naked, and he replied that she wasMoe.  Shutting the door, he reopens it and lets her in informing her it was “Moe” to have a girl living with him and he was still quite naked!


Poor Taeko’s bewildered and dumbfounded.  She wants to know what is Masuda-san thinking; he’s naked and doesn’t seem to think that it’s wrong.  He exclaimed that since she walked into the house, there was always something between him and his penis.  LOL!!!


It didnt’ matter to her, as long as he put some clothes on!  He asked if she was hungry and he puts on an apron to her amazement she commented on it and he told her that he have to be careful.  Stooping down to get some vegetables, an onion rolls out of the refrigerator and on to the floor and Masuda teases her by asking her what was she looking at and she screamed she wasn’t looking.  (What a hoot!)  Teasing her even more, he slaps his hand on his butt and told her that she just saw his butt.


Taeko wanted to know what kind of hell she was in and what was her father thinking when he had sent her to live with Masuda.  Nonchalantly, he asks her what was wrong, and stated she was so Moe… [again with the Moe!]


Hell, I want to know that myself!  😛

And so, her new life begins living with a Nudist — but he DOES know how to put on some clothes when they go out in public. 😀


End of Chapter 1.

CAG’s afterthoughts

Okay, even though the first chapter was 8 pages long, it was 8 pages that tickled my funny bone and made me laugh!  This read definitely piqued my interest because honestly, I really want to see where the Shoujo Factor kicks in.  Like, is she going to fall for Masuda and his “full frontal throttle,” or will it be some one from school who feels the need to come in and save her “chastity” from totally misunderstanding the nudity-tootie home life of Masuda?

I can’t wait for the next chapters.  I feel that I will not be let down (praying that I don’t) and I totally recommend it.  I think it’s going to be full of humor and unbelievable stunts from both characters.

This read is brought to you byWorld Three/WWW.

Okay!!!!  That’s it in a nutshell. 😉





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