Shoujo scenario… how would you handle it?

Howdies!!!¬† ūüėÄ

Was thinking to make a Fun Stuff post after doing a little M-chapter reading, and here it is! ūüėõ

Ex-girlfriend is entangled¬†in an argument with boy she doesn’t like and sees ex-boyfriend…

Ex-boyfriend saves Ex-girlfriend when she sees him¬†and lied¬†that he was her boyfriend.¬† Potential boyfriend, or Stalker-kun¬†believes her and walks off.¬† ¬†Ex-boyfriend is about to walk away too, ¬†and she stops him¬†because she doesn’t feel safe to be¬†left alone… that the¬†‘potential’ or Stalker-kun¬†could still be lurking around.¬† Both — Ex-boyfriend and Ex-girlfriend¬†winds up¬†at a¬†fast food restaurant.¬† Ex-boyfriend wants to leave and Ex-girlfriend doesn’t want him¬†to, so she¬†asked is it because Ex-boyfriend now has a NEW girlfriend….¬† [No, probably it’s because he doesn’t wanna be there with ya?]


New Girlfriend walks by restaurant¬†and see Ex-boyfriend talking¬†with a girl wearing a different school uniform than hers… curious as to¬†why he was there with another girl, she¬†sneaks in to spy on them, get caught, and is introduced¬†to Ex-girlfriend by Boyfriend.¬† He awkwardly tell ¬†his New girlfriend, that¬†the girl was his Ex-girlfriend from Middleschool.

New¬†girlfriend is‘paining’on the fact thatsheis not hisfirstgirlfriend… […]

With me thus far?¬†ūüėõ

Now then… Ex-boyfriend is happy that New girlfriend showed up and it’s the ammunition he needs to get himself out of the uncomfortable situation.¬† Ex-girlfriend cries out that the guy from earlier could still be around, and he’s the persistent type, and thenasked New girlfriend if she could¬†BORROW her boyfriend to walk her homeso that she could feel safe! [Nani?]¬† Boyfriend refused to go along with that plan and tried to leave with New girlfriend.¬† Ex-girlfriends pleads with New girlfriend, and… New girlfriend gives in.

Boyfriend escorts Ex-girlfriend home.


New girlfriend is starting to have pains in her chest and doubts.¬† She decided to follow them.¬† Ex-boyfriend get Ex-girlfriend home safe and sound.¬† New girlfriend catches up to them and watches ¬†from a distance.¬† Ex-girlfriend wants him to come in for a bit because it’s been awhile.¬† He refused.¬† Turning to leave, Ex-girlfriend rushes him and gives him a kiss.¬† Ex-boyfriend pushes her away and she starts crying telling him that he was being mean and she regretted breaking up with him and her thoughts are always on him.¬† He, not understanding why she broke down crying, decided to go inside with her so that she would calm down.

Climatic Conclusion…

New girlfriend see the kiss, see them walking into Ex-girlfriend house and shewonders why they kiss, why was he being so nice to her, and why did he go inside Ex-girlfriend’s house…Hurt, confused, she runs away crying…

Who does this?

This scenario was taken from

Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai

Chp 14.

That scene caught me off guard.¬† LOL!¬† I was yelling at the characters.¬† Ha!¬† Stuff Shoujo¬†is made of…

Ahhh…. gotta love Shoujo…right?


I wanna know what you would’ve done in this particular situation, orwould it become a situation at all?

And this concludes my Shoujo scenario of today.ūüėČ



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