Shuukan Shounen Girl Chp. 1


Finally getting around to posting aboutShuukan Shounen Girl.  This was a read that I thought was going to be an “M-Review.”  Sometimes one just goes with the flow of things.  I particularly like this read because each chapter is about a different girl and the abnormities she’s experiencing.  Short chapters that I get a giggle or two out of.  So… without further ado,

Chapter 1:  Girl with Manga on her Stomach.


Aoi-kun a student, is an avid manga reader.  While being engrossed in reading on his way to school, he was by a female student named Ichikawa-chan, whom asked for a bit of his time after school because she wanted to talk to him about something.  Taken back that a girl wanted to talk to him in secrecy, Aoi went through the day in a daze; didn’t hear his name called at roll call in homeroom, couldn’t respond in Language class and in Gym, got his brains rattled when he was hit with a ball!  The day finally ended, and with a fast beating heart, Aoi asked Ichikawa what was she wanted to talked to him about.  Shyly, she told him she had something to show him.  What happened next blew Aoi away.  On Ichikawa’s stomach, there was a Manga – an Action Shounen manga.  Suspiciously,  he asked if she drew it herself.  She replied she didn’t and it was there before she realized it that morning and wondered if it was some sort of disease.  Aoi exclaimed how could Manga be a disease and Ichikawa shot back how would she know, and had he ever seen a bruise that looked like a Manga before.  Aoi wanted to know if he could read it and Ichikawa said he could.

Aoi was at war with himself because… after all, there’s the “opposite” sex sitting in front of him showing him her stomach and he’s doing his best to concentrate on reading the manga because she trusted him.   Aoi was fascinated and amazed that the manga titled, “Dat Heat Don” was a good, full of action and had a cohesive storyline that was easily to read.  He wanted more.  However, after some days later, the manga disappeared and Ichikawa was relieved.


A week later, the manga reappeared and continued to do so for several weeks.  As the manga because exciting and full of action,  Aoi looked forward to each week to read how the story unfolds.  Finding Ichikawa, she informed him that the Manga was not published on her stomach this particular day.

And Aoi’s reaction,


Ichikawa was happy and relieved while Aoi was in a state of shock!  Frantically, he pulls at her clothes in disbelief that the manga was there.  It was getting to the good part and he had to read more.  Aoi almostliterallystripped Ichikawa naked and to his dismay, there was no manga to read but an one-sentence announcement:


LOL!!!  The manga is on hiatus.  No more to read until….

End of Chapter 1.


Mangaka:  NAKAMURA Yuuhi
Year:  2013
Original Publisher:  Kodansha
Serialized In:  Magazine Special
Volumes: 1 – Ongoing

This read is scanlated to you byJiheishou Scans


This is a chapter I can come back and reread because I thought it was cute and funny.  Worth some minutes of your time to read it.  Totally recommend.

Okay… now that this post has been banged out, onward to the next one.  😉




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