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Ahhhhh… once again, this MangaWhore lives to post another day!silly

In my quest to find reads – good or bad, I started to come across readswithout words.  Yes,Silent Manga.

Silent Manga:

“Silent Manga Audition” is a Manga (Comic) award organised by established masters of manga (Japanese Comics). Lead by Nobuhiko Horie ( CEO, Coamix corp. / the former chief editor of world record holding Weekly Shonen Jump ), with authors of major Manga franchises such as “Fist of North Star” and “City Hunter”.  Source:

It’s an international contest where anyone around the world can submit their work.  Over five hundred entries, twenty-eight were winners and out of those, eight got their reads published.

I for one, like these reads.  Yes, there are no words… but a picture can paint athousand unspoken words.  The reader can gaze upon each cell and with imagination can imagine the words or thoughts.  For over two months, I’ve been reading/gazing at these shorts and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen thus far.  Some of them were so cute and others, made you go “…hmmm that was interesting.”

One of my favorites,

Sky Sky

[My Interpretation]

Sky Sky is about a family’s dog whom is sick (and in old age) and the little girl who is worried about it.  One morning, she goes to check on the pet and it’s no longer around.  Calling out to it, she wonders where have she/he gotten to until her father explained that he/she died and she depicts a picture of the family pet happily in heaven.

She calls out to her pet and waited for an answer.  After receiving none, she writes her dear pet a letter, attaches it to a balloon and set it free.  She then waits for an answer back.  Later that night, she pondered if her letter actually gotten to her pet; she envisions that a bird may had popped it, bad weather caused the delay, did it go around the world, or did a plane stopped it.  With all those thoughts swimming around in her head, she became sad and shed tears.  The next morning, she goes off to school, still feeling down and her head bent towards the ground, that she did not see… other children are in awe at what they saw as the little girl continues on her way.

What she had missed,
Was a cloud of a dog with a letter in its mouth.

The End.

I particularly liked this read because:

  • The simplistic of the drawing
  • Really imaginative, but in a sense some truth to it?
  • The last panel… just really wished she looked upwards.

This read was done byShoujo Sensescanlations.

However, you can actually find out more about entries and read them at

SilentManga Audition

The site contains information about who they are and what they do as well as entries posted from around the world and they give you the country from which the entries are from.  Pretty cool.  They also have aFacebook.   Give their site and facebook a lookie.

Okay then.  Yay for me for creating a post!

That’s it in a nutshell.




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