So many moons gone by…


And boy have I missed posting!  😛


It’s been such a long time and things are finallyfalling/fittinginto place with the job and I can foresee myselfeventuallyposting within the next upcoming week.  Since I’ve been working (hooray!), had to take care of life in the “Reel World” first.

Along with dealing with the “Reel World,” I brought me a new computer and gotta tell you.. WINDOWS 8 is INSANE!!!  LOL  I had the most hardest time trying to navigate my way around for some weeks.  The next thing I have to do is to transfer my old files.

So… have you heardAku no Hana and “Miss I’m not Popular”has been serialized and will be premiering new month.  Can’t wait for Aku no Hana.  I really want to see justhow far will they take the anime…

Thank you Guys/Gals for still coming around.  😀

So… will see you soon enough.  Okay?

Laters!  😉



Other than trying to be a Normal Human Being, I'm all about Manga, Anime, blogging, online friends and a big cup of Coffee!!!

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