Sunny Days — even tho it’s raining!



Thought  I had abandon my blog huh?  😛   Naaaa-aaaaggggg no way that’s going to happen!  Been through some serious “reel-life” crap that has kept me from doing any online activities —especially blogging!   My Dad was seriously ill, I was job hunting, got stuck in another state taking care of my dad andwas wondering how in the heck was I going to still job hunt too?

Weeeellll couldn’t do both so my Dad came first!  Job hunting was crappy anyway and I got discourage behind it.

Sunny Day
Sweepin’ the clouds away
on my way to where the air is sweet
can you tell me how to get
how to get to Sesame Street… 😀

Got back home last week and this L-firm that has a NY office contacted me.  Because it’s been soooooooooooooo bad with job hunting and stuff, I wasn’t too much into it until the Recruiter started sounding more and more convincing…

Guess what?

Today was my first day on the job.  After looking [at times desperately] for work, I back to work.  Suckie New Yorkie, you can no longer call me a slacker, a no-gooder that’s sucking the life out of unemployment [I’m being so facetious, but some lawmakers and SOME common New Yorkers feel this way about folks that out of work and collecting unemployment] and I’m justnot taking job hunting seriously enough…   LOL

Once I settle down a bit, I will be making some posts.  K?  K!  😛

Laters.  😉



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