Emerging Chapter 1

It’s bad enough I’m a borderline Germophobe, but after reading chapters of Emerging, I take different kinds of sanitizer along me when I step outside in the…

M-Review: Kiseijuu

Action, Horror, Mature, Romance, Sci fi, Seinen Mangaka:  IWAAKI Hitoshi Year:  1990 Original Publisher:  Kodansha Serialized in:   Afternoon Volumes:  10 (Complete) 8 Volumes (Wideband) Licensed!…

Gen-Talk: Emerging

Drama, Horror, Seinen Mangaka:  HOKAZONO Masaya Year:  2004 Original Publisher:  Kodansha Serialized in:  Morning Volumes:  2 (Complete) *Not licensed in US Summary Japan is a brilliant…

M-Review: Higanijima


Fantasy, Horror,Mature, Seinen

Mangaka:  MATSUMOTO Kouji
Year:  2003
Original Publisher:  Kodansha
Serialized In:  Young Magazine
Group(s) Scanlating:  Manga Underground & Yalla Scans [Current]Volumes:  30 (Ongoing)

*Not Licensed in US

It’s all about vampire hunting versus man hunting in the series.

Akira’s brother, Atsushi, was found missing for 2 years. And recently a mysterious woman appeared and told him that she can bring him to Higanjima (an island’s name) where she saw Atsushi. But she also asked that he should brings a few more friends there… [Mangaupdates]

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