Gen-Talk: The Alice in Wonderland Paradigm + M-Review Pt. 1

Once upon a time ago, a man wrote a fascinating book about a girl who chased after a dressed, talking Rabbit who carried a watch and fell down into a rabbit hole and found herself in a fantasy world.  The book became a literary classic and printed in numerous languages, made into animated movies, as well as live action.  But what if… what if one changed the roles up a bit, inserted some shoujo and gave it a complete makeover but still kept the concept of the story?

Lewis Carrolldelve deep within the folds of his soul to bring forth a story that applease the imagination in everyone who readAlice in Wonderland.  Out of this structure, came some read-worthy manga that is [Ongoing] / were [Completed] tastefully done!  The Mangakas used Alice in Wonderland as a model to bring forth something edgy, some drama and a twist of darkest.

The review today is on one of the  Manga that I’m currently reading:

First up:

Heart no Kuni no Alice

heart no kuni no alice.jpg_main
Comedy, Drama, Reverse Harem, Romance, Shoujo

Artist:HOSHINO Soumei
Original Publisher:Mag Garden
Serialized in:Comic Avarus, Comic Blade Avarus
Volumes:6 -Complete, Scanlation – Complete

Licensed in US – Tokyopop [will provide the newLicensorwhen information become available]

The girly but bloody otome game re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s classic fantasy novelAlice’s Adventures in Wonderlandwith bishounen characters and added romance.

A parody ofAlice’s Adventures in Wonderlandwhere Alice is smart and non-doormatlike.

In this story, Alice is not all what she seems. She is practical, strong, yet darkly cynical. Instead of the traditional story, Alice is kidnapped unwillingly by a mysterious (yet somewhat bishie-looking) man with bunny ears into a place call Heartland. Stuck in Heartland due to a trick by the mysterious bunny eared man, she meets the residents of this world. Along the way, Alice meets Blood, handsome mafia leader; Ace, the psycho yet charming knight and more…What should Alice do in such a world!?  [Wikipedia]

CAG’s Impressions:

Insert some crazy characters, some Shoujo and a Reverse Harem factor, you got yourself a good read! 😛

What started as anOtome game, it bloomed into a full manga.  Heart no Kuni no Alice took me by a surprise.  When I first starting reading, my thoughts were on:this is going to be completely Shoujo…boy, was I wrong!  Yes, it does have the shoujo factor.  However, there is so much more to this Manga.  Besides having cute bishie looking characters, it has a darkness to it that compels the reader to want to know more, read more of the story.

Alice Liddell is a young girl jealous of her older sister.  While her sister is refined and lady-like, Alice is the opposite. She’s rather a bit plain, and a bit unrefined in comparison.  One day while dozing under a tree in the garden, she has a strange dream about a game and the rules.  She is awakened by her sister, Lorina.  Alice noticed that her sister had a book in her hand and she inquired about it.  Lorina told her it was about a girl who followed a rabbit into Wonderland.  Lorina suggested they played a game — a game of cards.  While her sister went to get the deck of cards, Alice became sleepy again and laid back down.  In a sleep daze, she see a well dressed rabbit walking towards her.  Once standing over her, the rabbit complained that Alice did not follow after him.  Alice thought she was dreaming again.  The rabbit changed into a man and slung her over his shoulder and carted her away to a large hole where he jumped in with her.  Alice became frightened because she thought she was going to die from falling down the hole and passes out.  She awaken in a strange place and wondered where did she land.  The bunny-boy told her she was in Wonderland and called her by her name.  Alice claimed she never heard of a place such as Wonderland and she wanted to why did he know her name.  He stated he knew her name because heloved her.Alice thought he was a stalker that kidnapped her and demanded that she be taken home.  Bunny boy refused and told her to drink a liquid from a vial he had.  Alice refused.  As bunny boy advanced towards her, she forwarn him not to come any closer.  She noticed that could not stand, nor move her legs.  He asked her was she curious to know his name, if she was curious, then she must like him. She replied that no one would like him.  The bunny came to the conclusion that the game would be boring if it was easy.  Alice felt a sharp pain in her head.  The bunny pour the liquid in his mouth and kissed her forcing the liquid into hers.  She had no choice but to swallow.  Bunny boy told her the liquid wasthe Potion of Heartsand since she drank it, she must participate in the game.  Walking away, he introduced himselfas Peter White[White Rabbit version]and the game begins.  He told her let’s meet again.  Alice was pissed!  She said she was kissed by a pervert and she won’t admit that it was a kiss.  She wanted to hit him so, she ran in the direction bunny boy took.  She came upon a Mansion and decided to asked if they knew of a pervert with bunny ears.    Approaching the gate, she thought there were no guards, until she was asked by two young boys[Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum version]who stated they were the guards and wanted to know what business she had there.  One said she looked harmless, while the other people are not always as they seemed.  With smiles on their faces, they told Alice it wouldn’t hurt much; and let them kill her.  Another bunny boy[Elliot March – March Hare version but share no likeness]appeared and asked them what they were doing.  Alice was surprised to see another one.  The boy-guards told him not to get in their way.  He asked Alice if she was a guest or a spy.  Either way didn’t matter since he wanted to test out his new gun.  He pointed the gun in Alice’s direction.  Alice realized she was going to be shot.  A figure appeared out of nowhere shielding Alice and said “Stop!”  He stated no one was to be killed on the premises.  Alice thanked the man and he said she was welcome.  When she looked into his [gorgeous] smiling face, she pulled away from him and ran off.  Bunny boy (#2) said she was being rude to Blood[Blood Dupre – Mad Hatter version].  Blood replied she was a foreginer.  Blood said it was interesting.

 Alice thought about how she ran away without thinking.  She did so because Blood’s looks reminded her of her ex-boyfriend.  Going back to the place where she first landed after falling in the hole, the day turn into night.  A figure was standing there and he turned and snaps asking who was there.  Alice said good evening to him and he told her to get out.  She apologize for evading his house; however, she was kidnapped by a Peter rabbit.  He claimed that he didn’t care and still wanted her to leave.  She told him even if he told her to go back, she didn’t know how. It was not fun being kidnapped and made to drink a potion.  When she said potion, it caught his attention.  She showed him the vial the liquid was in.  He asked her what had she done, and that meant she was a foreigner.  When she said Peter, did she mean Peter White and she replied “yes.”  He commented that Peter had brought her there without his permission. It was something that couldn’t be helped and he would try to explain.  He introduced himself as Julis Monrey[Original character], master of the Clock Tower (where Alice landed).  He told her that Wonderland was a dangerous place to foreigners and even though they come and go, it’s not wise to wander about.  He told her the mansion she came across was that of the Hatter and Elliot March and the Bloody Twins always swing their weapons around and he was surprised that she had survived.  She told him she was saved by someone named Blood.  Julius told her his full name was Blood Dupre, he’s the Mafia Boss.  He was the boss of the Hatter family and Alice would have been killed if Blood approved it.  Julius explained the territories to her: the castle of Hearts was ruled by the Queen of Hearts[Vivaldi, secret older sister to Blood – Queen of Hearts version]; the Amusement Park, ruled by a man named Gowland[Mary Gowland – parody of the Duchess version].  And where they were now, the Clock Tower was onneurtal grounds.The other areas were involve in a power struggle.  The three areas were involved in the struggle for some time and as a foreigner, it was best for Alice to stay out of it.  Alice said she was glad that he explained all of it to her, but she had no intention of getting involved to begin with and all she wanted to do was go home.  Julius told her she couldn’t leave alone.  She asked if he could take her home.  Julius replied that wasn’t the problem… she couldn’t leave alone, as a foreigner she was participating in a game.  Alice became annoyed.  She said she didn’t understand what he and Peter White meant by game and rules.  Suddenly night became day again.  Julius told her it was normal for Wonderland.  In her head she question what kind of place she was in.  A voice told her a “Dream.”  She asked Julius if the world she was in a dream.  He replied if she thought it was dream, then it was fine.  However, it was a never ending dream and she had the chance to leave before she drank the potion.  Since she did, she had no choice but to take part in the game.  Alice part of the game was whether she could return to her world; thus, she could not play the game alone and  could not leave alone.  He told her to look at the bottle again.  The bottle was sealed again and there was liquid in it.  Meeting him, Peter White and the Hatter liquid had accumulated and will continue to accumulate when she meet others.  That was the key to her getting home and the rule of the game was: “once the bottle was full, the time to return home will come.”  Alice took the bottle and smiled.  She thought the rule was simple enough.  All she had to do was meet others and she would be on her way back to her world.  Elsewhere, Peter White proclaimed that he and Alice would be together forever.

The Makings of this Wonderland

In this world, all the servants and guards are look-alike.  Alice could tell them apart by the way they act and carried themselves.  Whereas regular townpeople faces usually are blank.   The darkness to the manga, is that there is a lot of killing!  Anyone who has a weapon can easily kill another.  The people of Wonderland hadclocksas souls.  Once a person died or killed, their clocks was repaired and recycled into a new body.  Another thing about the world being that it’s Alice’s game,all had to fall in love with her.  Well, it may seemed that way… but one did not love her; rather, he hated her.

Other Characters Alice will Encounter

Vivalidi,the Queen of Hearts is as ruthless as they come.  But as much as she was ruthless, Vivaldi had a love for cute things.  She had a secret room full of stuff toys.  She thought Alice was cute and instantly fell for that cuteness.

Ace[Original character],  Ace could not understand why the land must fall in love with Alice. Unbeknowst to her, he was a skilled swordman and an Assasin working for the Joker and the Clockmaker.  He collects the clocks for Julius.  Ace is one of the first characters who admitted he felt no love towards Alice.  At one point, he almost killed her because Alice  presence was changing everyone.

Boris Airay[Cheshire Cat version], loves a good riddle and he dressed in risqué clothes and a pink boa.  He works at the Amusement Park under Mary Gowland.  Boris becomes attached to Alice and is friends with the Bloody Twins.

Mary Gowland– owner of the Amusement Part and part owner of Boris.  He is generally cheerful and enjoys spending time with Alice and Boris.

Nightmare Gottschalk[the Catepillar version], can only be seen when Alice is sleeping.  He interacts with her in her dreams and come to love her like the others.  Nightmare also interacts with Peter White and Julius.

The Shoujo Factor

Alice began to like Blood.  This is due in part because he favors her ex-boyfriend so much.  Something that Blood detests about Alice.  One night at a party, she told Blood that he was nothing like her ex-boyfriend who was kind and considerate where as he, was a brute.  He wanted to kill her.  He told her that he was not her ex-boyfriend and stop comparing him to that person.


This is a good read.  It has a bit of everything one come to enjoy in reading a good story.  For a whole world to fall in love with one person, I was so glad to see/read a character who did not feel that way. The angst was goo-ood!  😛   Great characters, great storyline and cute bishies!!!  Really, really cute bishies!   Totally recommend this read.

There’s another manga that I’m reading,Are you Alice?has a different twist!  Next post, part 2. 😉

Moving right along…




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