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I started this read because I had pick upTrace 1.5, and I felt that I was missing some key elements to the story until I email my fellow MangaWhore buddy about it and I should’ve guessed that he had already read it!

If Trace was ever made into a Live Action Movie, I would pay TOP $$$ to go and see it!


30 years ago in Korea these creatures appeared out of nowhere and began attacking people.  The could appear almost human or gigantic grotesque creatures.  Branded the nameTrouble, these creatures are blindfolded and having wing like clouds floating behind them.  No one knows where they come from or why they specifically attack humans.  Out of that chaos, human themselves began to change as well.  Either they changed or born into it, these humans were now Trace, people with the supernatural abilities.  Because of this mutation, they were often called freaks of nature and shunned.

If a Trace was found out, they are reported and then sent to a “Special Jail” for three months and then to a “Private Trace Academy.”   For some that mutated into Trace like Adults, they had to registered their abilities.  Sometimes, their family members are sent to a facility as well.

Sounds like everything is fine and on the up and up… right?  Wrong.  This is where Trace become fascinating and  provoking.

Summary on two of the Main Characters:


Sah Gang-Kwon*

He was born a Trace.  His abilities (able to conform himself or a part of his body into Ice) came to fruition when he was a little boy.  He had hurt his father when his abilities went out of control and ice spikes torn into him [Father].  After the incident, his mother took him to a crowded street and abandon him.  He lived on the streets alone until this precocious girl came upon him hurt and unconscious.  Sah Gang had his first fight with a Trouble whom was child like himself and got beaten up pretty badly.

The girl’s father showed up and she proclaimed that she was keeping Sa Gang.  When the father learned that he had no parents, he took Sah Gang in.  The Girl,Han Tae Eundeclared that she was going to protect him — always because he was hers. She claimed him like he was a pet or something!

Now in High School, Sah Gang secretly fight the Trouble and often wondered what would the world be like if they didn’t existed.  Whereas, Han Tae Eun is a delinquent, always fighting, has a bad temper, foul mouth and deeply cares for Sah Gang.  She thinks he’s still a weakling and continue her vow that she would always take care of him.  Whenever someone picks on Sah Gang, she’s quick to jump into action and ready to put down a beating on the person.  This annoys him because he has kept the Trace part of himself a secret from her and the father.  While they continue to live in the dark about him being a Trace, Sah Gang continue being vigilant in keeping them both safe by going out and killing Trouble.  One day while at school, two Trouble crashed through the classroom windows and he had no choice but to reveal that he was a Trace.  Someone from class reported him to theTrace Detection Team and he was taken away.  Something inside of Han Tae Eun broke and she made a promise that she would become a Trace in order to be with Sah Gang.


Kim Yun-Seong (later to be known as the Beggar man)

Normal Man in his 30s, Kim Yun was your average Office Worker whom loved his wife and daughter dearly.  Good personality, willing to help out at work and a good provider.   Things started to change inside Kim Yun.  One day at work, he began to have sharp pains in his legs.  Not thinking too much about it, he paid it no mind until one day he was at the park with is wife and daughter and the pain struck him so severe that he lost consciousness.  Waking up in the hospital, the doctor informed him that he might be mutating into a Trace.

He didn’t take the news well and left the hospital.  In a daze, he wandered into the streets and would had gotten hit by a car, had it not been for his new abilities kicking  in.  He stopped the car on impact with one of his legs.  He returned home as if nothing had happen and told his wife that everything was okay.  After his wife sent their daughter off to school, he informed her that he was now a Trace.  She replied that she was going to stand by him no matter what.

Kim Yun was worried and fearful for his family.  He returned to work and act like all was well.   At night, he would go out in and test out his new abilities.  He could run faster, bend lamp posts with a kick and even jump higher.  In testing out this ability, ayoungboy caught him and he played it off like he was one of the X-Men.  As time went on, he was able to manage his abilities more and the pain in his legs stopped.   Keeping his Trace abilities a secret was now a breeze for him until one morning when he was on his way to out to exercise and the Trace Detention Team was at his front door.  He was informed that his family would be taken to aTrace Research Facility to be tested and Kim Yun had to go down to the Registration Office and register himself as a Trace and complete any necessary steps thereafter.

Kim Yun complies with the orders he was given and waited patiently at home for news from his family. He receives a call from his wife informing him that they were okay.  Afterwards, he went to look for work and realized that it was hard finding one.  As the days wore on, no news came from his family.  Weird things began to happen to him.  Passing a construction site one day, beams fell from above and almost hit him had he not quickly moved out the way; another time at night, he was attacked by a man wielding a knife; and at home, his refrigerator exploded.  Feeling he was targeted for some reason, he went to the police and file a report.  After giving them his registration number, he was informed that he was a “wanted Trace.”

Tragedy has befallen on Kim Yun; his family was killed by a Mad Scientist whomeven sacrificed his own family to his research,  and Kim Yun sets out to tell the truth about what was going on within the Government of Trace and their true intentions.  Along his journey, he acquires some allies who help him in his plight.


One thing about this story that does not come to light until almost the end of the story when things start to make sense and all the pieces fall into place, is that you keep asking yourself over and over and over and still over again…


Who the hell is this mysterious little boy?!

He is there from the beginning and his identity is explosive!  7 volumes, over 160 chapters of pure reading enjoyment.  Totally recommend this read.  I guaranteed you will enjoy this one. Trace is a webtoon and all chapters can be found at:  Webtoon Live is a site that hosts all webtoons that they scanlated and scanlations from other groups that pick up some webtoons.  You will also find a link to the original story that’s either or, but it’s in Korean.

*Note:  There were several spellings to Sah Gang-Kwon’s name and I went with the spelling from MangaUpdates.

Moving right along.

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