Gen-Talk: The Underdog: Takumi Andou

Howdies!  😀

So like, I can think of a few things that I could (rather, should) be doing other than sitting in front of this computer and blogging!  Eck!  And here I am… being a lazy, comfortable bum on a sunday afternoon…  🙂

However, I simply gotta get my manga fix!  Like a junkie, gotta have my manga.  😉

I completedStrobe Edgeon Thursday evening and I gotta tell ya…


was on the disappointed side…

Hold up, let me explain why:

For all that read/or plan to read this manga, I was actually cheering forAndou-kun!Yes, I said it!  I was cheering for his character.  When it comes to romance —- especiallyShoujo(to which I’m 60/40 [40 is where I stand]) I tend to cheer on the “Underdog” character.  You know, the “Underdog” character that hasno chance in hell with the female lead/protagonist of the story. Even when Andou’s ex-girlfriend was introduced into the story, I was still cheering for him and Ninako chan to get together.

Yea, I know… Andou liked Ninako-chan that liked Ren butinitially turned down Daiki because she got a feeling of “Like” for Ren in the beginning of the manga.  LOL to which I almost dropped after the first four chapters.  But I stayed with it.  Not a Ren hater.  I’m not… no really I’m not.  Just liked Andou’s character better.  🙂

Never a fail when it comes to shoujo and at times its one of the things that I find irritating.  One of the reasons why I’m not into that aspect of the Genre.  At times the scenario between the female main character forever agonizing over the one of the lead male characters and yet, the underdog character always rushes in to say the day and at other times, he wouldactuallybe that ‘one’ that could make the lead female happy.  But alas, he never gets the girl.  I’ve yet to read a shoujo rag where the underdog saves the day (read) and gets the girl.

Overall, this was a good manga and I give it8.5/10.   The read is good… just wanted Andou-kun to get the girl in this manga.  (-3-)   In an alternate Shoujo world, Andou-kun would get the girl.  LOL  😀

This is one of Starry Heaven projects.

Okay… moving right along…

That’s about it for this post.  Have others I wanna try to get out of me during the course of this lazy, bummy, sunny afternoon.  🙂  K?




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