Working behind the Scenes

I am up working behind the scenes on this site instead of sleeping at this time. Instead of putting this site back in “Maintenance Mode”, not trying to go there.  Site may take another couple of months or years to come back.  geeky  (Such the Geek I am)  If you see some funny stuff, it would be me tinkering away at this site.

Have a couple of Manga reviews I want to post this weekend since I’ll have more time.  As I’m typing this post, I’m thinking,

do anyone write with pen and paper anymore?

My fingers would probably cramped up.  LOL  So bad at writing these days.  Much easier to tap that phone, or jot down notes on the computer using the Sticky Notes feature.

Okay with my Coffee by my side, it’s time to get to work.

Laters! 😉


Other than trying to be a Normal Human Being, I'm all about Manga, Anime, blogging, online friends and a big cup of Coffee!!!

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